QR Code Scanning App

Part of FaultHero’s value is in the ease with which faults can be reported. Doing so via a simple web app is an integral part of this process.

The application needed to allow users to scan a QR code via the web app, after which a form with pertinent details would be shown.

Our solution was to write a streamlined VueJS application which could handle:

  • accessing the user’s camera via the browser
  • scanning/decoding QR codes, with options to enter a shortcode in cases where the camera or QR code were not available
  • query the FaultHero’s API backend to lookup information based on the scanned code
  • display location/asset information and capture user input via a html form
  • submit the user’s fault report via the API
  • direct the user on success/failure at each stage

The End Result

See the application working live at Fault.Report.

Our solution offers minimal friction as users aren’t required to install an app. The application is also lightweight, works on desktop and mobile devices, and loads fast, even on slow connections.

By leveraging PWA technology and the power of VueJS, the Fault.Report application offers a simple, fast, intuitive way to report faults.