Audio Coverage Heatmaps

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays are an international restaurant brand, operating a large number of restaurants across the UK.

With an ongoing program of new installations and refurbishments to existing sites, TGIs have complex requirements for their new audio visual installations.

With restaurant layouts including multiple dining areas spanning several floors - and in buildings with some intricate layouts - ensuring that audio coverage is provisioned adequately is a key part of delivering the iconic TGI Fridays dining experience.

Sounds Like a Plan

In consultation alongside TGI Friday’s architects, quantity surveyors, and their audio visual partner, we developed a methodology for displaying graduated audio coverage across restaurant areas.

Our graphical representation for audio coverage is provided as an overlay to the architect’s plans, with audio visual expertise from Viewfax regarding optimal loudspeaker placements.

In addition to coverage maps, we also supply restaurant zoning plans, which clearly show speaker placements and grouping.


The new visual interpretation has helped provide consistent and controlled audio coverage throughout dozens of new TGI Fridays restaurants.

We’re proud to have provided a valuable innovation in the development of the TGI Fridays dining experience.

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