“Golang” (or simply “Go”) is a relatively new language, with version 1 released in 2012. It was originally conceived to solve large scale problems at Google.

It’s fast, concise, versatile, and fun. Our experience of building backend services in Go has been a pleasure so far.

Although the language specification is refreshingly short, solutions built in Go will suit a broad spectrum of problem domains.

Go is a compiled language, meaning that a compiler outputs a binary/executable file. This is different to Python, Ruby, or PHP, for example, where programs require an interpreter to read the source code for a program to run.

The compilation process bundles program dependencies in the output binary, making deployment a straightforward affair.

Go was created with the web in mind, and is highly suited to that target domain. Its standard library is a toolkit for tackling an array of common requirements in web application development. From networking to concurrency, Go does many things, and it does them very well.

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