Progressive Web Apps are an exciting new standard which allow web applications to behave like native applications on mobile devices.

Much of the philosophy behind the PWA concept is for applications to offer a stellar user experience. To that end, Google has released the following as a baseline checklist for any web application aiming to be classified as a PWA:

  • Site is served over HTTPS
  • Pages are responsive on tablets & mobile devices
  • All app URLs load while offline
  • Metadata provided for Add to Home screen
  • First load fast even on 3G
  • Site works cross-browser
  • Page transitions don’t feel like they block on the network
  • Each page has a URL

As big fans of the web, we’re delighted to welcome a standard which brings user experiences in-line with native apps.

A key benefit which we highlight to our clients is this: users don’t need to explicitly install an app, yet their experience is the same as a native app. Particularly for apps which may have casual/transitory usage, PWAs can offer a significant increase in user engagement.

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