Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build X for us?

Where X is a modern web application: yes

Where X is backend infrastructure: yes

Where X is an automated process: yes

Where X is a colony on Mars: no

Will you work on-premises with us?

It’s possible, but in most cases completely unnecessary.

Our workflow is optimised to manage projects remotely, and the power and flexibility in our service is derived from this arrangement.

Which communication channels can we use?

As a broad guideline we use:

  • Email for longer/detailed/formal information that may be needed for reference
  • Discord for quick questions and informal chat
  • Video for status meetings and reports

Have you worked with technologies X, Y, and Z?

Possibly not. We approach problems with an autodidactic attitude, and occasionally tackle problems in unfamiliar areas.

Do you do SEO?

No, our focus is on creating solutions for small businesses using software. We can, however, connect you with a partner that can help you with SEO.

Can we pay you in crypto?

Yes! We’ve handled payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and DAI to date. Get in touch with us to discuss.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept GBP, USD and EUR. We also accept payments in cryptocurrencies (see above).