Artwork Proof Review App



Automating a Painful Processes

A large producer of apparel/badges/etc. based in the USA approached TMRD to help streamline their ordering process.

Their main frustrations centred around a labour-intensive artwork review process, which was managed via phone and email.

Our solution was first to design a a Proof-Of-Concept web application, which gave customers access to their artwork proofs online.

After reviewing their artwork, they had the choice to approve or reject the work.

If the customer approved the artwork, they were offered tiered upsell options, including additional products and increased quantities. Their order total was updated dynamically, and they were provided with options to make a card payment which was handled by Stripe.

If the customer rejected the proof, they could supply feedback and notes for revised work.

The system was designed to pull customer order data in via the Airtable API, providing staff with a familiar UX for entering order details.

Reduced Friction

By leveraging Progressive Web App technology, customers aren’t required to download and install anything, and offline functionality is also possible. It also works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Overall, our solution reduces friction for both customers and staff, saving many people-hours every day.