AVADO Landing Redesign

AVADO / Eguila BVBA / OldSchool AG

AVADO offer pre-configured hardware, optimised for developing distributed applications on the blockchain.

Their hardware allows developers to run a personal node, and takes care of all the resource-intensive aspects of blockchain development. This provides a pleasant development experience, and an environment free of CPU and memory hungry processes.

Teach a man to fish

After finding our previous work with the Bulma css framework featured on the site, AVADO contacted us to offer some advice and guidance towards creating a visual design.

Being competent developers themselves, AVADO were less interested in having a completed website and assets handed over to them, but instead saw value in the creation of a design language and process that they could replicate.

To this end, we worked alongside AVADO’s developers to create a reference design using Bulma that they could work into their existing React application, so they could handle the implementation themselves.

The Bulma framework offers customisation via Sass variables, and with that in mind we provided reference stylesheets containing the core branding. We also created a mockup to incorporate key design elements and demonstrate their use.

Outcome = Freedom

The end result for AVADO has been internal freedom for their developers, all the while maintaining a cohesive design that can be refined and expanded in the future.

The AVADO product line has now grown to three devices and their first batches have completely sold out!

We’re excited to see AVADO continue to grow and expand.

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