Transactional Notifications

FaultHero needed to send customised transaction-based SMS and emails reliably, on demand, and at scale.

Email Detail

TMRD conducted a research and discovery phase to evaluate existing solutions. Many services provided “off-the-shelf” functionality, offering a comprehensive feature set.

However, the underlying infrastructure for many of these services had one thing in common: Amazon Web Services, and more specifically, their Simple Email Service.

Although implementing SES would introduce additional complexity, the benefits realised through cost savings, fewer points of failure, and reliable infrastructure, far outweighed the convenience and eye-candy of existing solutions.

The next step was to integrate SES with FaultHero’s Golang backend. This was made easier as Amazon provide an SDK for Go, meaning we could build out some core functionality reasonably quickly.

Good looking emails

We began creating email templates and after iterating through multiple designs, we settled on a striking yet smart core design. This design was also responsive, meaning emails would be displayed correctly on all devices.

Variables were included for customising each email based on data provided via the backend.


After our initial research we were impressed with Plivio’s service for a variety of reasons. Their API was well documented and easy to understand. They offered appropriate billing tiers and provided a useful web dashboard.

After conducting several tests, we implemented Plivio’s SMS API with FaultHero’s backend.


After researching and testing available options, the solution we arrived at harnesses two powerful 3rd party services.

The new transactional notification functionality is built on efficient, reliable, scalable infrastructure, and is now a core part of FaultHero’s platform.

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